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The goal of this web site and the work of Dramatic Conclusions is simple: Ending your pain.

The expertise I have to help people live and work drama-free came from being a well-seasoned, back stabbing, corporate-hating, finger-pointing, excuse-making, and pathologically negative middle manager.

Miraculously, after living and working many years with that modus operandi, a smart leader set me straight. I went on to succeed as an executive and an entrepreneur, and I made a vow; “If ever I have the opportunity, I will help alleviate the suffering that working and living with people like me causes.”

Whether you are an employee or the boss, corporate officer or middle-manager, key employee or CEO, if you would like to enjoy your work more, if you often feel like a highly paid babysitter, or wish you would win the lottery so you wouldn’t have to deal with immature imbeciles, you have come to the right place.

After every seminar I have taught in forty-nine US states and many foreign countries, I have been pulled aside for a discussion about someone’s “special situation” that turned out to be a very familiar scenario.

I have heard the same complaints again and again about bosses, co-workers, and the challenge of managing difficult people. If you have thought, said, or felt like...

  • Somebody shoot me. I’m working with morons.
  • This job would be fine if I didn’t have to work with ___________.
  • It’s just easier to do it myself.
  • Why do simple things have to be so difficult?
  • I’m tired of putting up with all the politics at work.’s time to take proactive steps toward a new, successful, drama-free workplace!

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